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Light Property Maintenance

Light Property Maintenance

TaskForceLLC manages 0ver 12,000 properties for LLT/Jefferson parish contract consisting of over 1,000,000 work orders billed and collected with a less than .001% error rate. We used Pin Point Manager, our custom management software.
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Puerto Rico

Tu Hogar Renace - Shelter in Place Program - Puerto Rico

To date, TaskForce Puerto Rico has employed over 100 local people and has performed over 608 jobs for this program. TaskForce is deeply rooted in the community with a 15,000 sqft office/warehouse located in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico.
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Pinpoint Manager

Pinpoint Manager is Task Force's, custom in-house, work order management software solution; developed by Task Force with years of property and disaster management experience. With Pinpoint Manager, Task Force has processed more than 1 million work orders, managed thousands of locations simultaneously at less than a .001% error rate.

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